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Those of us lucky enough to enjoy life within the 2nd Legislative District find ourselves with a good balance between clean living in the country with the hustle and bustle of city life. Yet, within the halls of Olympia, we suffer from a lack of comprehensive representation. The same viewpoints are presented time and again, ones which run contrary to our states obligations.

Here are our borders, all of us within the territory below live, eat, work, raise families, within these lines. We have a unique position, unique experiences, and are far more complex and nuanced than those who would consider themselves our betters can understand. They see a territory with large agricultural areas, and consider us all farmers. They look at an industrial list, and might consider us healthcare professionals, or laborers. But we are over and above it all people, living, breathing people, seeking to make our way in a wide open and often times confusing world.

We are part of a community, forged by shared experience by proximity. We are not fellow citizens, we are comrades, friends, neighbors - a family. We need a voice in Olympia who speaks not prepackaged rhetoric from some out of state focus group, but one who can bring a fresh perspective, a new voice to the table. State Representatives do not speak for themselves, but for those for whom they represent. Is it not high time we have a voice which reflects not only the diversity of our home, but believes in democracy?

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